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Working with folders in Ms Outlook – Innovative ideas to Consider

For those of us who use the Ms Outlook client to access both official and personal emails, the need to tackle the huge amount emails entering the Inbox is a huge challenge. Now when you attempt to organize your emails, the first thing that enters your mind involves creating folders where you can store certain emails. Typical folders that we create include ones made per client names or projects, folders for financial data or invoices and other of their ilk. However if you really wish to get more...

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Renaming the Subject line of a received Email in Ms Outlook

Emails today have become the lifeline of commerce and are the primary means of pursuing business communication. During the course of a workday you may have several conversations with different people related to the same project. However it may so happen that the subject line of the emails may be different even though they may be related to a specific project at hand. Now if you may like to change the subject line of an email that you have received, so that it correlates with a specific term and...

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Learn How Ms Outlook can Streamline the Sales Process in a Small Business

In a small business, the sales process is typically managed by an owner with the help of few sales representatives. Often the owner is the only person involved in sales and others helping him out may not be full time marketing professionals. Given the scenario the flow of a sales process in a small business is way different from what is typically found in an enterprise. The Ms Outlook email client serves as a great to tool facilitate a structured sales process in a small business and its...

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