Access Database Recovery

5 Best Practices for Access Developers

Developing for any app can be time consuming and problematic. Access is no exception. These five best practices will help you create more stable and user friendly databases for your users.  Access developers certainly have their work cut out for them. Access has a reputation for being difficult to use. The truth is that Access can be just as effective and easy to use as more expensive databases. It’s all about how the databases are designed. The following five best practices will help...

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How to Work with Access in Your Excel

Access and Excel have a lot in common. If you do not have Access on a computer, you can import your data into Excel so that you can work with your data. You can also link Excel workbooks to your database so that your worksheets are always up to date. Many companies choose to use Microsoft Access for their databases. This can be a great solution for smaller projects, but there is a potential problem with it. Companies usually will not get enough licenses to put Access on every computer. As...

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3 Vital Tricks to Design Your Access Table

The way you design your tables can determine how successful your database is going to be. These are a few of the lesser known secrets that can help you create tables that are easier to manage and maintain. Microsoft Access is built from tables. It’s nearly impossible to over emphasize how important it is to make sure you design your tables in a way that makes them easy to use. Tables are the backbone of your system and when they are poorly designed, all of your data becomes...

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