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6 Most Common Mistakes When Designing Access Forms

The more accustomed to working on Access you are, the more likely you are to make these mistakes when designing your forms. Bookmark this page so that you can periodically remind yourself how to avoid some of the most frustrating Access mistakes. Microsoft Access has many good points, but there are simply some mistakes that nearly everyone makes. When it comes to your forms, you really cannot afford to be making mistakes that are easy to avoid. To ensure you don’t become victim to the...

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The Beginner’s Guide on Access Controls (Part II)

Layouts are a great way to ensure users are able to easily use your forms and reports. By understanding your layout options and the basics of working with them, you will be able to offer a more user-friendly database to end users. Controls can be tricky. By ensuring the layout is done correctly, you can ensure that the controls continue to work as intended. The following will help you develop the right layout or update an existing one. Each form and report needs to be considered as a...

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The Beginner’s Guide on Access Controls (Part I)

Controls are the different elements that are used to ensure data is entered in a way that is acceptable for data maintenance and tracking. From text boxes to drop down lists, there are a number of different controls you can implement to keep your data clean. If you don’t provide controls to your database, you can end up with some very messy looking data. Microsoft Access provides controls so that you can limit the kind of information and method of entering information in Access. Many...

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