Access Database Recovery

6 Main Problems Caused by A Large Access Database

In this article we look at issues caused by a bloated Ms Access database There can be two different definitions of a large Access Database. One might consider a database with lots of tables and thousands of records as a large database. Whereas someone else may consider a database with thousands of queries, objects, reports etc as a large database. Both the definitions and interpretations are correct, and whether a database is large due to lots of records or due to lots of queries, forms and...

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4 Key Benefits of Splitting Your Access Database

In this article we explore the array of benefits which one can derive by splitting an Ms Access Database One of the most useful features provided by Access to its users is the feature that allows splitting the databases. Splitting a database involves creating different files, one in the backend, with relational data and another in the frontend, with interface objects. There are a lot of benefits that you can achieve by splitting your Access databases, a few of those benefits are described...

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6 Main Causes for Data Corruption in MS Access

In this article we look at several common causes which can induce data corruption in an Ms Access database Incidents of Data Corruption in MS Access databases are a fairly common occurrence. Corruption in Access Databases can occur due to several reasons that include both software and hardware related issues.  It is difficult to do away with corruption of data or to find its cause, once it has occurred; therefore it is always better to make attempts to avoid corruption of Access databases....

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