Access Database Recovery

How to Import All Files within a Folder to Your Access Table

Data, data, data – without it a database would be pretty useless. So it’s no surprise that one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to getting that data into your Access table(s) is – how can I make my life easier when I have to regularly import lots (and lots!) of files? As it’s such a common task, there’s obviously a number of ways to skin that particular cat, but here we’re going to look at just one – in my opinion the easiest – especially if you’re doing...

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How to Get the User Name of the Person Currently Using the Database via VBA

Need to know who in your business added a particular record? Or who updated it last? It’s a pretty common requirement, but unfortunately not one that Microsoft Access has built in functionality for. Simply adding a "last updated by" field to your table can (in many cases) be enough to meet most needs, but just how do you know who updated the record if Access can’t tell you? A little VBA code is all you need, as this article will show you. No need to create your own “login” form to...

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How to Get a Warning When the Number of Records in a Table Reaches a Specific Limit

One of the main reasons people move from using a spread sheet to a database is because the volume of information they’re storing has outgrown what Excel is comfortably capable of handling. But moving to a database doesn’t get rid of that problem completely as database tables have limits for the number of records they can hold too. But how can you know when a table is nearing that limit? Or when it’s simply getting too big and some archiving of data is needed? This article will show...

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