Access Database Recovery

7 Practical Tips to Protect Your MS Access Database Forms before Deployment

Before you decide to deploy MS Access on a commercial project, you need to look at securing database forms When using Access databases, it is not only important to keep your databases secure but also to ensure that the scope of making errors is reduced. You not only need to protect your applications to recover from disaster, but also safeguard/ bulletproof them to minimize the scope of errors. We usually focus on securing and protecting data in Access databases, and forget to focus on making...

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4 Main Differences between Data Macros and UI Macros in MS Access

In this article we look at the 4 Main Differences between Data Macros and UI Macros in Ms Access Although there are several features and options in your MS Access application, one of the most used and essential feature out of all is the macros. These are important not only because they can automate task and save time, but also because they allow you to explore the option of multiple tasks that can be automated. MS Access provides you with two different kinds of macros; Data Macros and UI...

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How to Customize the Appearance and Themes of Reports in MS Access

In this article we look at how to customize the appearance of Reports to match a particular office project One of the most crucial feature in MS Access that can be used to make sense of the complete database is the Reports feature. Reports feature in Access application provides you with a comprehensive summary of the complete database, in the form of pie charts and other tools. Through the use of reports in MS Access, a database can be understood with just a cursory look as well. Like many...

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