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How to Automate Tasks in MS Access with Macros

This article addresses how users can set up Automation tasks in MS Access with the use of Macros. Marco is an MS Access feature which allows users to automate tasks while adding functionalities in their reports, forms, and controls. Access’s Macros work a little differently from Word and Excel; yet are equally powerful. In Access, one can create Macros with which a user is able to record series of Keystrokes and can play them in the future. Access Macro Features Access Macros is...

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3 Main Types of Relationships in Access databases

In this article, we will understand the relationship of different functions, and relating data in Access. Access uses database normalization to organize table (relations), and columns (attributes) of a relational database in order to minimize data redundancy. Normalization is the process, which splits the data across different tables which helps in improving overall performance, longevity, and integrity of resources within an organization. Normalization is a database process of...

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How to Use Combo Boxes to Find Records in MS Access

This article addresses how users can use Combo Boxes to find records in MS Access. Combo Box has been designed with both the features of list box as well as a text box. Combo Box is used for selecting a value from a data of predefined list.  However, it can also be used for finding records in MS Access. Steps to Use Combo Boxes to find records in MS Access There are three ways by which users can use Combo Boxes to find records in Ms. Access: First Method Users can use Navigation...

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