Access Database Recovery

Brief Guide to Recovering a Corrupted MDB file

There are many factors that could play a role in the Access database getting corrupted. Whatever the reason for the corruption, Microsoft Access provides a powerful repair tool called the Compact and Repair utility that helps in recovering as much data as possible from a corrupted MDB file. Many environmental factors such as hardware problems, software failures or virus attacks could leave the Access database you are working with damaged. You will come to know of the damage when you see...

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Analyzing Reasons for Access Database Corruption

While working with Microsoft Access MDB file, one may come across error messages that indicate some corruption or damage to the MDB file. Before attempting to repair the file and recover the data, one has to understand what may have caused the corruption. Our article looks at some of the reasons that could cause corruption in an Access database. If you have been working with Microsoft Access database without any problem for a long duration and suddenly find some error messages appearing, you...

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Essential Know-How On How to Recover from Access Corruption

Though most Access users take the required precautions to prevent corruption, at times heavy usage of the MDB databases does cause problems to arise and indexes to get damaged. In such cases, use the know-how mentioned din our article below to understand how to recover from Access corruption. The most important thing that Access users should invest their time and resources in is in employing methods that will prevent corruption in the MDB databases as well as prevent any damage to the files....

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