Access Database Recovery

Password Protecting Your Access Data

If you're using Microsoft Access to manage your mom-and-pop company's data, then you'll be impressed with the security that the Access password regimen provides. Select a password, and you can be confident that you'll lock the bad guys out of your database. Access uses a proprietary formula to convert your password into a user key. The process is so secure that only the most sophisticated hacker would be able to break into a password-protected Access file without knowing the password. Your...

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Office Systems in the Cloud

Fifty million enterprise workers are currently using cloud-based office systems. Instead of relying upon a word processor, a spreadsheet, a database application, and an email client that are installed on their local laptop or desktop PC, these enterprise employees are using programs that are running in the cloud. And their data is being stored offsite by their cloud provider, too. Does this mean that there is no longer a need for users of Microsoft Office to install file recovery software to...

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How Microsoft Access Can Help Your Business

Most business owners use MS Excel as their spreadsheet and as their database program. While Excel is a great tool for managing a "flat file" or two-dimensional table-based database, Excel is not the best tool for creating or maintaining a complex database. Microsoft Access is the database that most Excel users select hen they graduate from simple line-by-line data records to a more complex multi-dimensional or "relational" database. Microsoft makes it easy for users to move from Excel to...

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