Access Database Recovery

Consumerization and Data Integrity

Until very recently, new technology made its debut in large corporations, nonprofits, and government enterprises. In the late 1960s, for example, only the largest organizations could afford to purchase the third-generation IBM mainframe computers. Even the earliest IBM PC desktop computers cost far too much money in the early 1980s to be bought for family or home use. Today we have consumerization. Consumerization is the introduction of computer and phone hardware and software into the home...

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BYOD and Access Data Security

The workplace is changing. Until recently, employees depended upon their employers to supply them with the computers that they use at work. Today, however, the "bring your own device" (BYOD) movement is gaining strength. Employees are bringing their own laptop, smartphone, or tablet to the workplace, and using these devices to process company data. More and more, the BYOD movement is causing a wide variety of hardware to be used on the company's network. IT departments worldwide are coping...

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Password Protecting Your Access Data

If you're using Microsoft Access to manage your mom-and-pop company's data, then you'll be impressed with the security that the Access password regimen provides. Select a password, and you can be confident that you'll lock the bad guys out of your database. Access uses a proprietary formula to convert your password into a user key. The process is so secure that only the most sophisticated hacker would be able to break into a password-protected Access file without knowing the password. Your...

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