PDF Document Recovery

Using the Power of PDF for CAD Data Storage

Many CAD users are now storing their designs as PDF files because of the advantages it offers over other traditional formats. Our article takes a quick look at the various ways in which CAD designs can be stored and why PDF files are now being chosen as the standard to save the designs in. PDF files are becoming increasingly popular not just over the Internet but also for sharing information over email and for storing digital content. It offers great document fidelity, can be viewed...

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How to resolve the PDF file corruption issue?

The PDF file format has been around for a long time and continues to expand as the prefered type of file format to store information in. While browsing the web, users come across downloadable files and reports which are offered in PDF format, indicating at the high level of portability that comes with the format. Continuous use of PDF file can lead to file corruption, making the file inaccessible. In an organisation where a massive amount of information is exchanged among employees on a...

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How to resolve errors on a PDF file?

The PDF file format is a medium for storing and sharing information and creating reports the world over. A single PDF is used repeatedly people in order to view the information given on the document. After sometimes, the PDF file starts showing error messages whenever you try to open them, making the PDF file inaccessible. Error messages also occur if there some external problems that are preventing the file from opening even though the file is undamaged. Some of the steps given below can solve...

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