PDF Document Recovery

Convenience of Storing Web Content as PDF Files

If you have tried converting a website to PDF files, you would have had to convert the entire site page by page. With the new version of Acrobat, it is now possible to convert entire websites into PDF files allowing you to easily store and archive web content. If you have been working with websites as a graphic designer, instructor, web developer or an archiver, you would know the challenges in archiving web content. While saving pure content as electronic documents is not difficult, saving...

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Getting to Know the Portable Document Format Better

The Portable Document Format or PDF is a very well-known format currently used for managing and archiving information. Our article discusses some of the benefits that PDF files offer, the structure of the PDF file and how to protect the contents of PDF files. The Portable Document Format or PDF is regarded as the perfect digital replacement for paper, in fact better! PDF files are best known for the document fidelity that they offer – they can present both the content as well as the layout...

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How Best to Preserve Digital Content

Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend to convert many of our paper documents, even photos, music and movies to digital content as they can be more easily preserved and take up less space. We look at some of the best ways of converting paper documents into digital content and how to preserve them. An increasing number of people are now converting their paper documents, photos, movies and music into digital content as they take up far less space. It is also a lot easier to...

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