Email Recovery

How to repair a critically damaged PST file?

A Personal Folder File or PST file allows users to save the data on their Outlook email client for accessing it at a later time or using it has back-up for restoring data when Outlook crashes. Some times, even the highly critical PST file becomes damaged, making the information stored in it, inaccessible. Below are the steps for repairing a PST file. A Personal Folder File is created by the user when the Outlook email management client is being used as a stand alone software and is not...

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How to prevent PST files from hitting the 2GB size barrier?

Microsoft has imposed a 2GB file size limit on PST and OST, so that they don't increase beyond a point. When a file crosses the limit, it becomes damaged and is unable to open on Outlook. Lets look at some steps to configure the file size limit on PST file. In Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2010 email management clients, PST files are formatted using the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and UNICODE format. Now, these file formats come with a size limitation of 2GB, which is controlled...

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How to overcome a damaged OST file?

Offline Storage files in Microsoft Outlook allow users to save the data on a single file, which lets them access the information even when they are offline or not hooked to the main server. OST files store all the possible information that is used by a user, emails, notes, calender and tasks. A damaged OST file can pose a huge problem for the user. Lets see to overcome this issue. Microsoft's Outlook client is used by millions of users that use the software client to manage their email...

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