Email Recovery

How to use the tools offered by Microsoft for repairing a damaged PST file?

Software giant Microsoft has offered a powerful in-built tool that comes with Microsoft Outlook, that allows users to repair a damaged or corrupted PST file. It is vital that users are aware of this tool to use in emergencies. Lets find out how to use to it. The need to repair PST file arises when the file gets damaged or corrupted, making all the information stored in the file inaccessible. This causes a string of problems for users including loss of important data. Apart from the loss of...

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How to store data on Outlook?

Outlook client from software giant Microsoft is used by millions to manage their email accounts from a single platform. Outlook allows users to read, create, categorize, archive and store email messages received by them. Essentially, Outlook is an email management client but it also lets users create calender entries, maintain journals, jot down tasks among other things. The data is then stored on a PST file. Lets find out exactly how to create a PST file. Microsoft Outlook is a highly...

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How to repair a critically damaged PST file?

A Personal Folder File or PST file allows users to save the data on their Outlook email client for accessing it at a later time or using it has back-up for restoring data when Outlook crashes. Some times, even the highly critical PST file becomes damaged, making the information stored in it, inaccessible. Below are the steps for repairing a PST file. A Personal Folder File is created by the user when the Outlook email management client is being used as a stand alone software and is not...

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