Email Recovery

How to effectively resolve the ‘PST file not found’ error in MS Outlook?

The PST (Personal Storage Table) is an open file format which is most commonly used by Microsoft Office softwares like Exchange Client, Windows Messaging and Outlook. It is used for storing copies of messages and calendar events in the user’s computer hard drive. The conversion of data to .pst file frees the storage space on user’s mail servers. However, opening and using a .pst file from over a network can corrupt the file. Let’s look at how you can avoid such things from...

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How to avoid chances of an Outlook crash?

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client which retrieves emails from the email server and then downloads and stores it in your computer hard drive. Although Outlook is a stable and wide used email client which is very helpful for users, it sometimes malfunctions and due to which you can loose important emails from the server. It is therefore important to learn how to avoid chances of an Outlook crash and to repair Outlook to prevent loss of data. If you have been a regular user of Ms...

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A quick guide to bring back deleted emails in Outlook?

Bringing back deleted emails from an email client is the most difficult part of an Outlook recovery process. The deletion settings in Outlook plays an important part in the process of email recovery as it can decide if the deleted data can be easily recovered or not. Recovering recently lost emails typically pose little challenge and can be recovered easily. However, emails deleted about a week or a month ago can pose considerable challenge and you may need the help of specialized...

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