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Key Benefits of Sharing Calendars in Ms Outlook

In a challenging business environment managing teams can be a difficult task. Imagine a situation where you need to schedule an one to one counseling session with all your team members over the week. Trying to set schedule with each one of them can be prove be a herculean effort if you do not have a secretary at your disposal. However, if you could share your Outlook calendar with your team, then they could book a time slot in your calendar and meetings could be easily scheduled without much...

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Creating Business Cards in Outlook for Quick Sharing

The need to reach out to more and more people is a key requirement for growing any business. Imagine a scenario where you need to share your contact details with a whole bunch of people. While you can send out an email with your detailed information to everyone or send them a text message over phone, such an approach may not be effectual. A recipient of your email will find it difficult to copy paste the contents into the address book. Instead if you send an Outlook business card, the receiver...

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Simple tips to Help you work with tasks in Outlook

The Ms Outlook email client comes loaded with a host of productivity tools that are designed to help you streamline your work. With the task feature you can keep a tab on activities that you plan to take up in a given period. Moreover you can even assign tasks to your colleagues and mark them out once they have been completed. While the task feature is rather easy to use, just creating a long list of tasks will not be of much help. To effectively manage your tasks you need set them in the...

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