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Ms Outlook is a hot favorite with Busy Professionals than Thunderbird

A cursory glance  on the laptops and PCs of top executives and busy professionals is likely to reveal that Ms Outlook finds a prominent place. Rarely would you come across a busy business professional who happens to run the Thunderbird application from Mozilla despite the fact that it is free and is recognized for its robustness. In this article we would look at why Outlook is fondly preferred by executives for whom time is a constraint.   The User Interface of Outlook is Familiar and...

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Integrating Google Hangout with Ms Outlook

In the corporate world, Microsoft and Google are bitter rivals across different product lines and service offerings. However as customers we can hardly do without either of their offerings. Now in recent years the Google Hangout platform has leaped into popular imagination by providing high quality video chat feature that supports multiple users. As with every product, corporate users seem to have a reluctance to learn or use different applications and hence most of them prefer to use Ms...

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Get Outlook to CC all Emails to a Specific Email ID

At times it may become necessary for you to mark a copy of all your emails to a specific email. Such a requirement may arise when you are running a marketing campaign and wish to keep a record of all emails sent or are engaging in an outreach program that is aimed at receiving feedback. Also you may experience the need to copy your boss in case of an event invite that you are extending out. In Outlook it is quite possible to mark a cc to a specific ID for all the emails that you send out....

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