Email Recovery

How to Send Emails to a Large Group without Displaying Email IDs to Everyone

At times we may have to send out emails to a whole group of people in one go. In case the group of people are known to each other or say part of the same company or project, you can include all the emails in the “cc” field. However when you are sending out an email to entities that do not know each other, just placing everyone in “cc” may not be the ideal choice. Take the case of sending out a discount offer to your customers. Now you would never want your entire customer list to be...

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How to Handle an Expected Deluge of Emails in Outlook

During the business year there are times when a huge jump is noticed in the number of emails reaching our mailbox. For example when you place a Job opening on a career site or when you launch a marketing campaign, a deluge of emails may be headed your way. Now with the Outlook email client you can quickly segregate such emails and keep your Inbox in neat order. In this article we would look at tackling a large volume of emails in a systematic manner   Use Rules to Identify and Club...

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A Basic Guide to Working with Ms Outlook Mailbox Cleanup feature

As a regular Outlook user, I have always experienced the challenge of keeping my Inbox in shape and avoid it getting bloated under a daily barrage of emails. While there are several measures that can be used to segregate emails and reduce the clutter present in a typical Outlook Inbox, the Mailbox cleanup tool remains the most easiest way to achieve the same.  Moreover for a novice computer user, the tool is a safe way to address the issue without causing inadvertent errors. Let’s explore...

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