Email Recovery

Outlook Quick Steps – Key Facts to Bear in Mind

Managing emails can be a rather cumbersome process. Sorting emails and filtering them into relevant folders, tagging emails of a certain kind or grouping together project emails normally end up taking an inordinate amount of time. To help you deal with such situations, the Ms Outlook application is endowed with the Quick Steps feature that can automate multiple actions in one simple click. In this article we would closely explore the Quick Steps feature and look at some of the facets that need...

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Key Usability Improvements in the Ms Outlook 2013 Iteration.

Upgrading to the new Outlook 2013 edition was a sheer delight for me and my colleagues at my office. For long we have been using the Outlook 2007 edition and the direct jump to the 2013 edition has been remarkable. Not only has the productivity increased, we now have the option to connect with our stakeholders across different platforms including social networks through Outlook. When it comes to usability improvements the 2013 edition is earning kudos all across the world. Let’s look some of...

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Keeping Away from Phishing Attacks in Ms Outlook

The World Wide Web has turned into the hub of commerce and quite logically crime too is not far behind. Using the internet malicious individuals are always looking to compromise your data and siphon away every possible element from money stored in bank accounts to your personal image collection that can be used latter for blackmail. Emails seem to have become the favorite tool for phishing attacks. A lot of people have received emails that claim to originate from their banks and ask them to...

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