Email Recovery

Innovative Ideas to Sort and Manage your Emails

For most Outlook users, the number of emails landing into their mailbox, every passing day, is a matter of great worry. Not only do a large number of emails in the Inbox make it bloated and prone to crashes, it also makes searches go on for countless minutes. Thus sorting the emails in your Inbox should be a priority and in this article we would look at some innovative tips to achieve the same.   Create Folders and Subfolders At the very outset you should create folders for different...

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Avoid Viruses that Propagate via Email through your Outlook Application

Computer viruses come in many hues and some of them use emails to propagate themselves. Once an email virus compromises your mail client, say Outlook, it immediately draws out the contact list and sends a copy of itself to all the contacts. Your contacts, believing that the email came from you, may click on the attached message and get infected. Once that happens the virus spreads to more systems. While running an antivirus application to get rid of such viruses is a standard option, ideally...

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Adding Reminders to Emails for Replying at a Later Data

Outlook users have often wondered how the email client has evolved over the years. It today has nearly everything that a busy professional would want from his email client. From allowing connectivity with social networks to integrating weather calendars, the Outlook application seems to have thought about a host of our needs. One such need that Outlook addresses rather well is the desire to be prompted to reply to an email which we have kept pending. Thanks to this well thought out feature, you...

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