Email Recovery

Marking an Appointment as Private in the Ms Outlook email client

Working collaboratively on projects has become the norm across most industries. In an office where you are working with cross functional teams, you are more than likely to share your Outlook calendar with your team or other coworkers. When you share your calendar it becomes very easy for them to plan a meeting with you. However it has one little drawback; your entire schedule is up for everyone to view. Now there may be few appointments that you have planned out that you would not necessarily...

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Contacts fail to show up in the Outlook Address Book – Quick Solution

The Ms Outlook client is know for its well thought out features that make it the most apt tool for working with emails. Using its Address book you can just add any email ID that is stored in your contacts by typing the initial characters and the ID shows up in the drop down list for you to select. This saves you from the hassle of finding and copying email IDs every time you wish to send an email. Moreover besides your contacts, you can even pull up emails IDs from your personal address books...

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Preventing Spam Emails Originating from your Outlook Email Client

The Ms Outlook application is undoubtedly the most widely used desktop email client across the globe and this popularity has its own drawbacks. Hackers have long tried and have successfully managed to launch viruses directed at the Outlook application that use the email client to spread across to more systems. Using the contact details stored in the address book, a virus may send out emails to your contacts with harmful attachments in them. Now if you have been receiving complaints from your...

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