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Understand why Outlook blocks certain attachments by default

The Ms Outlook client can be credited with following a very apt security framework which is designed to protect its users from malicious programs as far as possible. In its effort to block viruses and other malware from entering your system, the Outlook client typically blocks a variety of attachments including executable file extensions by default. However this feature can at time prove to be an impediment when you are trying to download a genuine application or game file sent over via email....

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Know Why the Ms Outlook Email Client is a Hot Target for Hackers and Viruses

Hackers and computer viruses tend to have an uncanny preference for attacking the Ms Outlook email client for myriad reason. Those of us who have been using the Outlook application in the late nineties would remember the Melissa virus which was directly targeted to grab contact IDs from the Outlook email client. Since then countless viruses have come into picture that are tailored to compromise the Outlook email client and some of them can wreck real havoc. If that was not all, hackers are also...

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Fighting Spam Emails is an Ongoing Challenge in Outlook

Of late both countries and ISPs have made conscious effort to remove the scourge of spam emails from the Internet. Yet their best efforts which included filling lawsuits were only able to produce limited results. Even companies like Microsoft have played their bit and have used sophisticated algorithms to spot and stop spam emails. In fact the latest iterations of Outlook are equipped to detect a variety of spam emails in an efficient manner. However all this have not stopped spammers from...

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