Email Recovery

Working with Priority Options while sending Email in Outlook

Most Outlook users typically receive a lot of emails in a day and this is likely to be true for you and others whom you send out emails too. Yet it is but natural for you to believe that the emails you send out to others be checked at the earliest possible time. However due to time constraints this may not be always be possible and at times you may wonder if a recipient of your email actually saw it. Well there are several ways in which you can assign a priority to an email that you send out...

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Fixing a Corrupt Navigation Pane in Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook email client has a formidable reputation in the market today due to its extensive set of well thought out and class leading features. Even though it retains the place as the most popular desktop email client in the world, some people try to label it as a buggy product. While this is not true, Outlook does contain several flaws and one of this involves the propensity of its navigation pane to get corrupted. Once it occurs, several issues can crop up from the application failing to...

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Dealing with Outlook crashes that occur when you attempt to send an email

The Ms Outlook client is known to throw strange error messages and at times can topple over even when you just attempt to send an email. In fact a lot of users have noticed Outlook crashes when they clicked on the Send/Receive button. Now there is no specific cause behind the occurrence and a host of scenarios may be responsible for this mess. Let’s look at some of steps that you can take to isolate and resolve the issue.   Start with disabling Email scanning in your Antivirus...

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