Email Recovery

Search Tips to Find Out Messages that Contain Specific Attachments in Ms Outlook

Sorting messages in Outlook is often a cumbersome activity for some users who are not very familiar with its search features. However if you take the time and effort to explore the search options present in Outlook, you can quickly drill down to the emails that you are looking to track. Now Outlook also allows you to quickly find out emails that contain attachments and you can even narrow them by attachment type. Incidentally it can even allow you to scan through files contained in an archive...

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Keep an Eye Out for Malicious Add-ins

The Ms Outlook application has been around for many years and its popularity has attracted many developers and software publishers to create add-ins to extend its functionality. Today you have a plethora of plug-ins available for Outlook and most of them do a fabulous job. However there are a few malicious plug-ins that have made their way into the Outlook ecosystem. Such plug-ins are typically created by hackers with an eye on compromising your private data. In case you have downloaded and...

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Outlook can serve as a stepping stone to a full fledged CRM System in a small business setup

Most small businesses that manage to hang around for some years eventually experience a growth in their clientele. Once your small business has reached a respectable size, you need to consider using a CRM tool to maintain effective client relations and expand your business. However investing in a CRM tool may not be easy for every small business owner even if he or she is ready to bear the cost. It also involves a steep learning curve moving data into a CRM system for proper management. In such...

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