Email Recovery

Sharing your Outlook Folder Access with Others

In a corporate environment there are hardly any days of rest. Even when you are on leave, travelling overseas or recovering from a brief illness, mails and meeting requests keep landing in your Inbox. Now at times many of these meeting requests many be critical and need to be responded. In such a scenario, it makes for great sense to allocate the access to your business email account folders to one of your colleagues. Well if you are using the Ms Outlook email client, allocating access is a...

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Outlook can be used for Sending out SMS Based Marketing Campaigns

The Ms Outlook client is often the norm in most offices and it is quite likely that details of most of your business contacts would be stored in there. For marketers, Outlook serves as a great platform for sending out outreach emails. The same is also true when we consider sending out text messages or SMS as they are commonly known. Now if you are wondering how SMS can be sent via Outlook, the answer lies in using either one of the two approaches listed below.   Using a Windows Phone to...

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Quick Tips to Deal with a Security Certificate Error in Outlook

The Outlook email client is widely used in homes today and people also tend to use it with web based mail platforms. Now when you try to retrieve or send emails via Outlook, you may encounter a security certificate related error message. Typically the message may mention that the server you are trying to connect with is using a certificate that the application cannot verify. It also gives you the option to view the certificate and either continue using the server or disconnect. Now there are...

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