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Spam Has Evolved – Steps you can take to stop junk emails

As the internet matured over the last two decades, a lot of people found this medium as a cost effective means to reach out to people. Spam and junk emails typically started off with marketing emails and latter progressed to indiscriminate forms, from scam emails to messages that contained viruses. Today spam emails can come with several innovative subject lines and curious attachments and malicious links embedded in it. The threat from Spam has grown and email clients including Outlook cannot...

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Dealing with Messages that Hang Up in the Outlook Mailbox

While the Outlook application is widely regarded as the best desktop based mail client in vogue today, accusations of the software behaving quirkily tend to arise with alarming regularity. Such quirks related to Outlook can be quite widespread in cases of issues like emails getting stuck in the Outbox. For apparently no reason you may find an email that you send not leaving the Outbox and in come cases attempts to delete them too may fail. Let’s explore the issue in depth and look at possible...

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Is it OK to Disable the Email Scanning option in your antivirus application while using Outlook

Computer viruses are today available in several forms and some of the most virulent ones tend to spread through emails. In fact the data present in Outlook contacts provide them with an easy way to propagate. Given the risk of viruses spreading through emails, most top of the line antivirus tools include an option to scan all incoming emails before they land into the inbox. While this feature does prove useful in stopping malicious emails, it at times can cause strange errors. The Outlook...

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