Email Recovery

Quick Tips to Deal with a Security Certificate Error in Outlook

The Outlook email client is widely used in homes today and people also tend to use it with web based mail platforms. Now when you try to retrieve or send emails via Outlook, you may encounter a security certificate related error message. Typically the message may mention that the server you are trying to connect with is using a certificate that the application cannot verify. It also gives you the option to view the certificate and either continue using the server or disconnect. Now there are...

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Ms Word fails to launch as the email editor for Outlook – Quick Resolution

The Outlook application typically ships as a part of the Ms Office application suite. Now most of us are quite aware that Ms Word and Ms Excel along with PowerPoint and Ms Access are other popular applications that make up Office application suite. Most of these applications use many common libraries and harness beneficial features from each other. Now the Ms Word application is used as the default editor for Ms Outlook and thus it is quite normal to experience an error message which mentions...

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Fighting Spam is a Continuous Effort – Report Spam in Outlook

The Internet today is deluged by the amount of spam emails going through its networks. In fact many ISPs are increasingly applying stringent measures to check the flow of spam and yet despite their best efforts, spam continues to grow. From blacklisting servers to bringing down botnets that spawn spam emails, companies are doing everything in their power to stop spam. However fighting spam is a continuous effort and every one of us must play out little part in stopping spam. Now if you receive...

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