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Why Should you Stick with Outlook over Gmail

Google is a leader in bringing out innovative products and its Gmail email platform too has a distinct edge as compared to other online email platforms. However when compared to the Outlook email client, especially the Outlook 2013 edition, it comes as second best. No doubt, Gmail has its own share of advantages, but the Outlook email client for an office user, especially one who is working under an Exchange environment is invaluable. Let’s look at some of key elements of Outlook that would...

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Sharing Google Calendar Data with the Ms Outlook Calendar

The Google calendar has over the recent years gained a sizeable number of users. It offers a host of features for free and syncs well with mobile devices, especially those which run on the Android operating system. Quite naturally a number of Outlook users too have chosen to use the Google calendar and yet they cannot give up on the Outlook calendar which remains a formidable utility in itself. In fact many office users hope to actively use both Google and Outlook calendars and are looking at...

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Macro Viruses – How to Steer clear of them while using Ms Outlook

In this article we look at Macro viruses which essentially include malicious code in a programmatic language, most notably VBA, which is readily executed by Outlook and other Office programs. Viruses come in various hues and Macro viruses have distinct characteristics that make them immensely dangerous for Outlook users. A Macro virus uses the programming language present within an application to spread its footprint. In case of an Ms Office user, a Macro virus can prove to be rather...

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