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Can Previewing a Compromised Email in Ms Outlook lead to a virus infection

In this article we will evaluate whether previewing an infected email can possibly lead to virus infection. Computer related crimes are cropping up in nearly every nook and corner of the world. In fact the sophistication of hacking attacks has gone up in recent years. In this context many Outlook users have often wondered whether it is safe to preview emails in the reading pane of Ms Outlook. Let’s discuss this issue in detail. Outlook Preview Pane is absolutely safe except in rare...

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Working with Custom Dictionary in Ms Outlook

In this article we would look at adding words into the custom dictionary in Ms Outlook If you happen to use Ms Outlook regularly for business communication, you are likely to come across situations where the email client highlights certain words or abbreviations you use as a spelling mistake. For example MECM which stands for monthly executive council meeting may be marked out as a spelling mistake every time you type the abbreviation in a new message window. To avoid the issue you can...

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Learn Why Ms Outlook is Still Better for Businesses over Gmail for Work

Despite a strong push by Google to market Gmail for Work, Outlook still holds its preeminent position in the corporate world. The Ms Outlook email client has been the preferred choice for corporate entities for nearly two decades and still holds its preeminent position. However in recent years Gmail has started to make its headway into this domain, especially in the SMB space. For lot of companies the idea to have its entire email setup up in the cloud seems rather attractive. Moreover...

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