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Working Effectively with Contacts in MS Outlook

Contacts in Ms Outlook can be effectively used to encompass a range of information and can be managed with ease. Whether you believe it or not, the main reason for most of us using MS Outlook is its power-packed features that have been designed to offer convenience while we tackle our emails. One such feature of Outlook is the Contacts feature, without which Outlook will almost loose most of its charm and efficiency. Read on to know more about how to work with Contacts in MS Outlook and...

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Learn How Scheduling Emails in Outlook can come handy

Outlook offers you the option of scheduling emails for delivery at future date and time. In this article we would look at the benefit this offers and how we can schedule emails with ease. Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to be the first one to wish a loved one Happy Birthday but you missed it because you slept, when you should have been awake to send an email to wish? This is where the Email Scheduler in Outlook can come to your rescue. Read on to know more about this smart...

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Exploring the awesome features of People Hub in Ms Outlook 2013

In this article we would look at how the People Hub feature in Outlook 2013 has changed the way you can communicate with your contact via Ms Outlook. Microsoft, one of the leading IT companies of the world, left no stone unturned while launching its new MS Outlook 2013 version. From Message Preview to Themes, an array of features has been included in this latest Outlook version. One such new feature that has been appreciated by nearly everyone is the People Hub. This new feature has been...

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