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Learn Why Ms Outlook is Still Better for Businesses over Gmail for Work

Despite a strong push by Google to market Gmail for Work, Outlook still holds its preeminent position in the corporate world. The Ms Outlook email client has been the preferred choice for corporate entities for nearly two decades and still holds its preeminent position. However in recent years Gmail has started to make its headway into this domain, especially in the SMB space. For lot of companies the idea to have its entire email setup up in the cloud seems rather attractive. Moreover...

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Learn to Erase Junk Emails from your Web Client when you delete them from Outlook

When you delete a junk email from Outlook, a copy of it may continue to exist in your web mail client, if you have chosen to keep message copies on your mail server. The Ms Outlook email client offers us great flexibility and whole array of features which most web based clients cannot offer. Collaborative features of Outlook in an Exchange environment even today remain unparalleled. From sharing calendars and booking resources to options like Scheduled view make the Outlook email client...

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Why Blocking Every Email Address from which you receive Spam can be counterproductive

In this article we would understand why blocking every other email address that sends you a spam email is overkill and it can reduce the efficiency of the Outlook application. The fight for keeping your Inbox clean from spam emails can be rather arduous and you may end up blocking several email IDs, in order to avoid spam. Some Outlook users like to block every email ID from which they receive a spam email. Now if you are working in an Exchange environment, you may suddenly receive a...

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