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The Ubiquitous Notes Feature in Ms Outlook packs in quite a punch

In this article we explore the Notes feature in Ms Outlook in detail and understand how you can effectively use it. The Ms Outlook application is much more than a simple email client. In fact it comes loaded with a plethora of advanced features such as the Business Contact Manager, People Hub, Calendar, Journals to name a few. Since it is overflowing with features, some of us tend to ignore the ubiquitous Notes feature. Initially conceived as a place to put down, small pieces of...

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Does a Desktop Email Client like Ms Outlook still make sense

In this article we would explore whether Ms Outlook still makes sense in an increasingly hyper-connected world where online platforms and cloud based solutions are making hey. In last few years, the way we access emails have changed. Instead of just logging into our email client from desktop or a laptop, today we are accessing them from anywhere using Smartphones and tablets. Some experts believe that in our hyper-connected world online email platforms, especially those who offer...

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Outlook Intermittently Crashes whenever we download a bunch of emails

In some cases, the Ms Outlook application has been noticed to crash or hang up while downloading a large number of emails. The Ms Outlook application despite is sterling reputation as the best email client in the world is known to be error prone. At times some users have experienced issues while downloading a whole bunch of emails with many complaining that the download process getting stuck. In some cases the Outlook application can even crash leading to lot of inconvenience. Let’s...

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