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Quick Tips to Use the Journal feature in MS Outlook

In this article we offer you handy tips to work with the Journal feature in the Ms Outlook email client. In today’s busy life, a majority of us do complaint of lack of time to track important tasks, meetings, contacts and all other relevant things. So, Microsoft did its bit by adding the Journal Feature in its Outlook to make things easier for the users. As the name suggests, Journal Feature helps tracking actions automatically to particular contacts and also putting them in a Timeline...

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MailTips in Ms Outlook – A Primer

In this article we look at the MailTips feature present in the latest iterations of Ms Outlook which helps us avoid silly mistakes. If you seriously wish to avoid silly or embarrassing mistakes to occur while sending emails in bulk in MS Outlook, then you better use the MailTips Feature. Microsoft did an incredible job by including a smart feature called MailTips in its 2010 and 2013 versions. This feature helps avoiding common and sometimes even costly mistakes to happen while sending...

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Learn more about the various search options available in Ms Outlook

In this article we look at various options available in the Ms Outlook email client to search for emails and other data with ease. MS Outlook is an expansive platform to organize a whole lot of things, ranging from emails, contacts, tasks, calendars to the To Do Bars. Searching for a particular thing in such a large data repository can definitely be a big problem. So, we thought of sharing with you some search options present in Outlook including, the Search Box, Instant Search, Search...

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