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Applying Stationery and Themes in Outlook – A Quick Guide

In this article we will take you through the steps of applying themes and stationary elements in Ms Outlook. Are you a creative soul? Then, you would surely love to bring in that creative look to your Outlook email client as well. Perhaps, this is the reason that MS Outlook allows you to apply Stationery and Themes for a brighter and more appealing look. It is possible that the term stationery might confuse you with the normal stationery we use for our daily works, but it is not the case...

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What are Search Folders and How you can use them to your benefit

Search Folders in Outlook are an interesting way to source frequently looked for data in virtual folders that can accessed with a single mouse click. Whether you know it or not, MS Outlook is a great medium to organize personal information like contacts, emails, calendars and tasks. At times it might become difficult for the user to quickly access them all, so keeping this in mind, Microsoft thought of adding the Search Folders in its email client. As the name suggests, these folders...

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Learn How to Make an appointment private in Outlook

In this article we would discuss the option of making an appointment entry in your calendar private even through the calendar would remain accessible to others in your office. Do you feel frustrated at times, when all your colleagues get to know about all your appointments and schedules when you really wish to keep it all private? Well, then you must learn how to make an appointment private in Outlook. Whether you know it or not, all the appointments that you make in Outlook are shared...

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