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How to Change Show Display Names of Contacts

In Outlook Address Book, display names of contacts are in the form of “First Last” as default. Here is the method to change it. When we create a contact in Outlook, we are usually required to enter a name for this contact. In addition, Outlook will suggest us to type full name, namely both first name and last name. Some people may be annoying about it. But indeed this suggestion is of great value, due to the fact that name is playing a significant role in name order of Outlook Address...

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Why Sent Emails Are Not in Sent Items Folder?

Someone may have met the problem that sent emails aren’t saved in Sent Items folder. Now let’s look at this issue thoroughly in this article. In general, all messages we sent should be located in Outlook Sent Items folder by default, which is ruled in accordance with Outlook default configurations. But some special situations cannot be excluded either. I have ever taken it for granted that sent emails should be saved in Sent Items until I encountered the same problem. At that time, I’ve...

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Why Pictures Can’t Display in Your Outlook Emails?

There are many reasons why pictures don’t display in emails. In this article, we will explore one – Show Picture Placeholders is enabled. Boasting of various powerful abilities, Outlook has gotten a stellar reputation as an excellent communication medium. For instance, in the aspect of Outlook email messages, not only can users type text messages, but also they can edit pictures directly in message, like rotating, cropping and compressing, etc. Nevertheless, at times if users configure...

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