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Why Not Create a Custom View to Display Birthdays Only?

To display birthdays only in calendar, you need to create a custom view. This article will talk about how to customize a view in detail. When we create new contacts in Outlook, we can click “Details” button in “Contact” ribbon to add information of birthdays. Outlook will create recurring appointments and corresponding reminders with accordance to these birthdays in calendar. However, it is inconvenient that we can only see birthdays in View by month. Therefore, in order to display...

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How to CC Emails to Specific Persons Automatically

Are you often required to CC emails to specific persons? Here is way to have it done automatically so that we needn’t add addresses manually. As we all know, so-called “CC emails” is to send a copy message to other people. Every email clients are equipped with this function. But it seems that a few persons are using this function. Someone even doesn’t know it at all. Actually making flexible use of it can benefit us a lot. For instance, if I write an email to one person, and...

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