Email Recovery

5 Top Tips to Keep Your Outlook Inbox Clean

If used Outlook for many years, you must have received a myriad of emails. Thus it is essential to know how to keep your Outlook Inbox clean. I’ve heard quantities of complaints from my friends about their permanently mussy email Inbox. To keep it clean, they have cleared up it at regular intervals. I have to admit that making a periodical clean is a good habit. But if we’ve done daily sweep well, we needn’t spend superfluous time on post processing. 1. Don’t Make Inbox...

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4 Steps to Set Appointment as Tentative by Default

Outlook appointment is created as busy by default. But at times, it is only tentative. Here is the way to change this default setting. Some users must have discovered that Outlook will set their appointments as “busy” by default. Every time they would like to show it as free, tentative or out of office, they should click “Show As” to change the busy status, which is evidently repetitive operation. Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t offer us the option to set “Show Time As”...

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How to Send a Sheet to Outlook Contacts in MS Excel

We can send a sheet to Outlook Contacts directly in MS Excel software, just via enabling a button – “Send to Mail Recipient”. When it comes to sending a sheet in Excel by e-mail, we are used to attaching the Excel file to a message. Unquestionably, even novices can just click “Attach File” icon and then add the target file to a message. However, as an adage goes, every coin has two sides. The same holds true for Outlook attachments. Although sending emails with sheets as appendages...

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