Email Recovery

How to CC Emails to Specific Persons Automatically

Are you often required to CC emails to specific persons? Here is way to have it done automatically so that we needn’t add addresses manually. As we all know, so-called “CC emails” is to send a copy message to other people. Every email clients are equipped with this function. But it seems that a few persons are using this function. Someone even doesn’t know it at all. Actually making flexible use of it can benefit us a lot. For instance, if I write an email to one person, and...

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2 Rapid Ways to Spell Check Message Subject Line

Outlook use Word as editor by default; its spell check can check spelling errors. But it doesn’t work in Subject. How can we spell check subject? In general, nobody can promise that they don’t make any mistakes of spelling or grammar when writing emails. Perhaps we are extremely careful about words and sentences. But sometimes even pressing a wrong key will lead to mistakes as well. It is so kind of Outlook to provide users with a built-in checking tool. That is Word’s spell check,...

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