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5 Outlook Tricks to Help You Save Time

In this article, I will introduce top 5 Outlook tricks, which can help you to save time, thereby improving work efficiency. Nowadays, a majority of persons must have their own emails, regardless of Gmail, or others. Thus it is essential to select a remarkable email client. It is known that Outlook has been touted as the most popular client. It permits us to manage messages, create tasks and control contacts. However, even though you’ve used this application for a long time, you can’t...

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6 Steps to Sort Outlook Draft Emails by Modified Date

You may have discovered that draft emails are sorted randomly. This article focuses on the solution to this issue. As we all know, those uncompleted messages are saved tentatively in the Outlook “Drafts” folder. In addition, there are still some persons who are fond of storing frequently used message templates in it, such that they can easily access them and paste to new messages. With growing templates stored in Drafts, along with several leftovers from emails, Drafts folder will be...

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How to Design Your Favorite Business Card in Outlook

If you’re weary of default business card, you can customize it as per your preference. Here is a quick guide. Boasting of its diverse capabilities, Outlook has not only served as a standalone email client, but also our private assistant. For instance, we are capable of managing quantities of contacts with effortless ease. Besides, when we attempt to create a new contact, it permits us to enter all sorts of information without any limitations. Undoubtedly just with Outlook we can deal with...

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