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2 Ways to Reduce Size of Picture Attachments in Outlook

In order to avert the situation that picture attachments exceed the size limitation, you should learn how to reduce its size. This article is certainly a good guide. When you attempt to send a message, but it takes with the picture attachments which exceed message size limitation, the message won’t be sent out successfully. In general, this message will return to you and not delivered. Besides, you may even get a relevant error report. To MS Exchange Server email account, if the size of...

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What to Do If Sent Items Don’t Show Sender Information?

If Sent Items folder doesn’t show sender’s information, you will be required to check 3 facets of Outlook view. Have you ever encountered such a situation that all listed messages in Sent Items folder only show your information instead of specific senders’ information? In this case, your Sent Items folder is not set to “Sent To” view, or it is configured with “From” column rather than “To” column. If it is not because of the two reasons above, it is very likely that Outlook...

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2 Rapid Approaches to Find Desired Emails

With mounting emails stored in Outlook, it may be difficult for us to find desired ones. This article will share 2 rapid methods with you. Nowadays, Outlook has become the most popular email client in the market. Not only can it serve as a standalone email client, but also it is capable of arranging schedules like a private assistant. Owing to its quantities of capabilities, Outlook has stood way ahead of its peers. In most situations, we use Outlook to send and receive emails....

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