Email Recovery

8 Approaches to Solve “Outlook Not Responding” and Similar Issues

“Outlook Not Responding” error has disturbed many users for a long time. In face of it, many people tend to force Outlook to close. But it may damage Outlook file. Thus it is important to know how to solve similar issues correctly. Here are 8 suggestions. I have been subject a lot to the issue - Outlook Not Responding. In the past, I was inclined to hard close the Outlook application. But frequent closing Outlook abnormally leads to Outlook corruption. Since then, I have learned to take...

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How to Add Colorful Smileys to Your Outlook Messages Rapidly

When we type “:)” in a message, it will become an emoticon like  immediately. But these smileys in Outlook are limited for choice and not very pretty. This article will teach you how to add colorful and interesting smileys to Outlook. There is no doubt that smileys can express our feelings more clearly than texts. Therefore, instead of plain texts, I prefer to add various emoticons to message body, which can make my emails become more attractive. In addition, I always add colorful...

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How to Copy Junk Email Settings from One Account to Another

In general, Outlook cannot synchronize junk email settings in one account to another automatically. Thus in this article, we will learn how to deliver junk email settings from one account to another quickly. I have added a myriad of blocked senders to my Outlook junk filter in my primary email account. One day, I found that those junk emails still land into my Inbox of another account. I had originally been intended to individually add the blocked lists to another account. But my friend...

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