Email Recovery

5 Resolutions to “The file Outlook.pst cannot be found” Error

If you open Outlook as usual but an error message “The file Outlook.pst cannot be found” pop up, you can take the following 5 measures to resolve it. The Outlook error “The file Outlook.pst cannot be found” can arise from a variety of errors. In conclusion, the 4 primary causes are the faulty location of PST file, oversized PST file, bad sectors on the hard disk as well as the corrupted PST file. Depending on the different reasons, you can take the solutions as followings. 1....

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How to Change the Fonts in Outlook Navigation Pane

Are you tired of the default fonts in Outlook navigation pane? In this article, we will look at how to change its fonts, no matter in Outlook 2010, newer versions or older versions. As we all know, Outlook provides us with a lot of initiatives when customizing the appearance of Outlook pages. For instance, we can change the fonts in Outlook navigation pane. Since Outlook 2010, we have been permitted to change the navigation pane fonts directly within Outlook. As for Outlook 2007 and older...

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5 Universal Means to Fix Common Outlook Errors

Provided you’ve utilized Outlook for decades, you must have come across a variety of errors. This article will teach you 5 universal methods to solve those common Outlook errors. I have applied Outlook as both an email client and a schedule manager for a long time. Thus I won’t feel flustered whenever I meet errors, owing to the fact that I have concluded 5 effectual and common solutions. 1. Create a New Outlook Profile In general, a corrupt Outlook profile will result in various...

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