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How to Change the Default Folder for Inserting and Saving Attachments in Outlook

If you’ve never changed the default attachment folder before, every time you insert or save attachments in Outlook, the folder “My Document” will open. So you always need to browse to desired folder. This article will teach you how to change them. I usually store my email attachments in one unified folder. That is “Attachments” directly under “Disk C” root. So I hope that when I need to click “Save as” or “Attach file” in Outlook, the folder “C:\Attachments\” can...

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How to Send Personalized Emails to Multiple Contacts via a Form Letter

When you try to send personalized emails to many contacts without them knowing each other, sending one by one is the most stupid method. Mail merge allows you to write one form letter, which contains each recipient’s own info. Using Mail Merge from Outlook is very simple. In this mail merge example, we will send an email to selected contacts. This email aims to ask them whether their birthday and telephone number are correct. Use Mail Merge to Send Personalized Emails 1. At the very...

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