Email Recovery

How to Modify the Subject & Body of Received Emails

If you receive an email without subject or the subject cannot accurately express its content, you can change it to your liking. Apart from subject, Outlook also allows you to change the message body. For later convenient check, I prefer to change the subject of the received emails in accordance with my comprehensions. In addition, due to some received emails containing a bulk of useless characters, such as a long signature, I’m accustomed to changing the message body to leave my needed...

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3 Quick Steps to Fix Outlook Error “The folder is full”

When you try to delete or move a folder in Outlook, you may receive the error – “Cannot move the Items. The folder is full.” Or when you attempt to rename a folder, this kind of error could pop up as well. This article will tell you how to get rid of it. Actually “The folder is full” error means that your Outlook file reaches its size limits. Apart from it, file corruption is another important cause. In order to solve this error, you need to make clear the causes. Follow the steps...

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What to Do if Some Unread Emails Disappear in Outlook?

As we all known, the number of unread emails will be enclosed in parenthesis at the end of mail folder name. But if the number is 4, but when opening the folder, you only find 2 mails. What happened? This article is just focused on this issue. I have ever suffered this problem – cannot see all unread emails. I really dislike the persisting number at the end of the folder name in obvious navigation pane. Actually two reasons can pose this issue, namely filtered view and no permission in a...

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