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Why Not Auto Move Meeting Responses to a Specific Folder to Keep Your Inbox Clean?

Is your Inbox folder filled with assorted meeting responses? Why don’t you move them to another folder to keep Inbox clean? Here is the method to have Outlook move them to a specific folder automatically. If you often need to send meeting invitations in Outlook, you must have received a myriad of meeting responses. They will land into your Inbox by default. There is no doubt that they will clutter up Inbox. Now read on to learn how to move them to a specific folder automatically. Auto...

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How to Fix ScanPST Error “Entry Point Not Found”

When you attempt to use ScanPST to repair your corrupted Outlook file, but you’re informed of the error “Entry Point Not Found”. This article will probe into this issue and concrete measures to fix it. As we all know, Outlook comes endowed with a free utility – ScanPST, which is targeted at fixing Outlook errors and repair PST files. Nevertheless, it cannot be guaranteed that it can solve all errors in Outlook. And in worse situations, it may throw out additional problems. Now we...

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How to Disable Auto Hyperlink and the Default Way to Follow Link in Outlook

With respect to hyperlink in Outlook, there are two annoying issues. One is that Outlook can auto change the internet paths into hyperlinks, like email address, etc. Another one is that only “Ctrl + Click” can follow the link. If you’re also vexed at them, here are the quick solutions. Whenever I enter email addresses in an email, no matter in subject or message body, Outlook will change them into hyperlinks. In this case, many times I might open the hyperlink by accident, which is...

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