Email Recovery

How to Save an Outlook Email as a PDF File

As we all know, PDF file is the most appropriate to manage important data due to its document fidelity. Thus to protect a significant email, why don’t you save it as a PDF file? When it comes to saving an Outlook email as a PDF file, many people consider applying Adobe Acrobat software to accomplish it. However, if without it, how can you achieve it? Here are two methods to export the email as a PDF file without the help of Adobe Acrobat software. Use “Microsoft Print to PDF”...

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How to Export Outlook Emails in a Specific Date Range to External Excel or PST Files

This article mainly looks at how to export the emails in a selected date range. Exporting to Excel files can benefit data statistics. And exporting to PST files can reduce the current using PST file size, thereby decreasing the chances of corruption. To export emails in a specific date range to Excel files, you won’t be able to see the email contents. But you can accomplish it just via instant search. In contrast, exporting to PST files will demand more operations. Now read on to learn the...

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2 Steps to Recover Outlook Data after Repartitioning Your Hard Drive

If you repartitioned your hard drive and haven’t made backups for Outlook data files before, you will lose the data. But do no panic. Taking the 2 steps mentioned in this article can help you get back your data. Here is my personal experience. I still remember that at that time, I was a novice of my computer. One day I found that because I stored too much data in my system drive, my computer ran too slowly. Therefore, I searched a lot about how to increase the volume of hard drive and...

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