Email Recovery

5 Top Mistakes in Hard Drive Data Recovery

When hard drive crashes, you will become panic and hope to attempt data recovery by yourself. However, during this process, you may make the following 5 mistakes that can destroy all your data. If you find your critical files get corrupted, they can recover these files with ease, such as restoring from backups or employing repair tool. For example, if PST files are broken, you can recur to a specialized PST repair tool. In contrast, hard drive corruptions will be much more knotty. If you...

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How to Change the Default Folder for Saving Outlook Templates

Outlook has a default folder for saving templates. But at times, it is a bit hard for us to find it. So why not change the folder for saving Outlook templates to your custom one? This article will look at the issue and offer the quickest method. I have customized a file folder to store my Outlook templates. I intend to save all of my templates in this folder. However, when creating templates, I don’t know how to change the saving folder. After a while, I find that there is no option within...

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2 Steps to Auto Decline Meeting Invitations from Specific Person

If you always decline the meeting invitations from specific people, why not have Outlook to decline them automatically? 2 simple steps can accomplish it. This article will introduce the detailed operations. On one occasion, I have to going on a business trip for two weeks. Therefore, I always cannot attend the weekly meeting of our department. But the meeting initiator, who is the leader in our department, will send the meeting invitations to all of us. Thus, I wish a method that Outlook can...

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