Email Recovery

4 Common Signs & Solutions of Computer Data Loss

Aside from backing up data to avoid data loss, computer users should also know the signs of data loss, which will be helpful in data recovery. This article will introduce 4 common early signs as well as according solutions. When it comes to data loss, most of computer users nearly feel despair. It is so hard to predict and prevent data loss. Nevertheless, as long as we acquaint ourselves with its signs, we can reduce the frequency of data loss, thereby increasing the odds of successful data...

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2 Methods to Print Outlook Items in a Specific Category

Color category does help us a lot in classifying Outlook items. At times we may wish to print out a list of emails, contacts or a schedule that belong to one category. This article will introduce 2 techniques to accomplish it in quick time. I am accustomed to classifying and managing my Outlook items by categories. On one occasion, I would like to print out my monthly calendar items which belong to a specific category. But in “Print Options”, I cannot figure out how to select the...

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2 Steps to Create an Outlook Search Folder with “OR” instead of “AND” Criteria for Multiple Conditions

By default, Outlook only allows you to create search folders with “AND” criteria. But if you wish to create a search folder for unread “OR” flagged emails, how can you achieve it? This article will introduce a pretty useful method to you. If you are trying to create an Outlook search folder for messages which are either unread or flagged for follow up, you will fail definitely. Due to the fact that “OR” criteria aren’t supported by default. You have to enable another tool for...

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