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5 Common Security Threats around Your Computer Data

Do you still think that protecting data may be an annoying and troublesome matter? Actually if you figure out the potential treats, you will find it quite easy. This article will disclose 5 common security traps around your computer data. To be honest, combating against malicious matters around our computer is not as easy as keeping updated antivirus software. Every day there are lots of viruses and malware created. But do not panic. As long as we develop the good habits and take the timely...

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How Can a Reply or Forward Get the Same Color Category as the Original Email’s?

If you’ve color categorized your emails, when you reply or forward a categorized email, the category will be stripped on the sent email. This article will teach you a method to keep the preset color category still in the reply or forward email. In Outlook 2007 and newer versions, the categories preset to the existing emails will be stripped when replying or forwarding. For example, if you forward an email which is in Red Category, after sending it out, you can turn to “Sent Items”...

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What to Do If Recipients Cannot See the Details of Your Outlook Meeting Invitation?

Have you ever heard recipients’ complaints that the meeting invitation sent by you are entirely empty without any meeting details? Actually, it is because their email clients have no native support for calendaring. This article will offer a method to resolve this issue. In the previous Outlook versions, the concrete meeting details, namely “when” and “where”, will be added to the meeting message body by default. But since Outlook 2010, this feature has been removed in that most of...

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