Email Recovery

4 Steps to Relocate Your Outlook AutoArchive File

Even if you’ve manually moved the AutoArchive file to other location, Outlook will create a new archive file in the original location the next time AutoArchive runs. This article will focus on this issue and teach you how to relocate the AutoArchive file. Virtually relocating Outlook AutoArchive file is not just moving the original PST file. It must demand 4 steps. If you also wish to relocate your default AutoArchive PST file, moving it to your customized destination folder, read on to...

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Understanding of Exchange Server Architecture

In this article we are going to look into the architectural design of Exchange Server 2010 and its roles and functionalities. Introduction In my previous article, we have seen the evolution of the Exchange server and its history. As I mentioned there, we are going to concentrate of learning the concepts from Exchange 2010 onwards. Before I begin to show you the installation, configuration, Exchange recovery and all, I would like to explain its architecture and its role. This will be helpful...

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Revolution in Corporate Communication – All about Microsoft Exchange Servers

We are going to deep dive into the concepts of Exchange server Installation, Configuration, Disaster recovery, outlook data recovery and much more in this article series. And in this article, we will start the series by making a general introduction of corporate communication and Microsoft Exchange server. Corporate Communication and MS Exchange Server Electronic mail or E-mail is not a new concept nowadays. This was began in early 60’s. From that time onwards, lot of companies developing...

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