Email Recovery

4 Methods to Quickly Find All Meeting Related Emails in Outlook

If you have no habits to classify your emails in Outlook on daily work, it would be difficult to find your desired emails, such as meeting related emails. This article will introduce 4 simple methods to quickly search out all the meeting related emails in Outlook. In Outlook, when you wish to find a specific type of emails, you can use make use of its “Message Class”. For example, all the meeting related emails belong to “IPM.Schedule.Meeting” message class. Hence, you can specify...

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How to Export Multiple Outlook Contacts as a Single vCard File

In Outlook, we can export Outlook contacts as vCard files just by drag and drop. But if you wish to export multiple contacts as a single vCard file, how can you achieve it? This article will introduce a workaround. Actually, it is considerably simple to export multiple Outlook contacts as separate vCard files. We can just select all of the contacts which we would like to export, and then drag and drop them to one destination folder in File Explorer. Next they will be saved as vCard...

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Do’s and Don’ts of Responding to Hard Drive Failures

Hard drives can fail, so the best way to safeguard data is making data backups. But at times, the backups have a limited value in that it is not up-to-date. In this case, data recovery is required. This article will tell you some do’s and don’ts, which can increase the chances of data recovery after hard drive failures. If your computer screen suddenly goes dark, unknown error messages frequently pop up, or you hear some grinding noises, chances are that your hard drive is failing...

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