Email Recovery

4 Solutions to Outlook Error “Out of memory or system resources”

More often than not, the Outlook error “Out of memory or system resources” usually occurs when you connect too many PST files in considerable size to Outlook. This article will focus on this issue and offer 4 solutions. As a rule, when you open a PST file in Outlook, Outlook will allocate a certain part of memory to it as a cache to improve the performance. In other words, Outlook has a limit in the amount of space available for each email accounts. Thus when the space has run out, the...

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Deep Dive into the Concept of Exchange Server Database

In this article, we are going to see what exactly the Exchange server database is and its working functionality. It will be a kind of deep dive into the concept to make you understand better. Introduction: Ever wondered how your mails are getting stored in the Exchange server? What exactly happening in the background? If you are not sure then no worries, this article will clearly explain how it is happening in the background. We need to look at the various stages in order to understand its...

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How to Prevent 4 Common Types of Data Losses

Data loss has plagued millions of computer users. This article will focus on the 4 common types of data losses. If you are subject to it, you will be enlightened by the suggested precautions. With respect to preventing data loss, data backups must occur to our minds. Well, it is indeed one of the most universal precautions. For instance, as long as we back up our PST files, we can recover Outlook data like a breeze. Actually aside from backups, here are some additional dedicated precautions...

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