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5 Effective Steps to Prevent Data Disasters

When it comes to data disasters, almost everyone will feel despairing. Now follow the 5 effective and handy steps mentioned in this article. They will help you prevent data disasters. As we all know, data disaster can occur from multiple reasons, such as hard drive failures, natural disasters, virus infections and human errors, etc. Therefore, it is hard to predict a data disaster. However, we still can take effective precautions to reduce the chances of the occurrence and even prevent it....

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What to Do If a Hard Drive Makes Strange Noises?

Hard drive making strange noises is one of the most common types of hard drive failures. At times it can be much more severe than what you can imagine. Now follow the steps introduced in this article to protect the data on the failing drive. When you hear strange noises from hard drive, no matter clicking or whirring sounds, it usually indicates that some components of the drive are damaged physically. Hence, you should take immediate actions to increase the chances of successful data...

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How to Import Windows Contacts into Your Outlook

There is a contact folder in Windows system. This article will introduce the method to import Windows contacts into Outlook in quick time. With respect to importing Windows contacts into Outlook, the concrete operations depend on the different Outlook versions which you are using. If you are using Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010, it would be much easier in that Outlook provides a native feature to import Windows contacts. But if you are using Outlook 2003 or 2013 version, it would be a little...

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